​Silver Willow Grove

Our Mission

Silver Willow Grove is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and its application to improve the mind, body, and soul.
The Grove offers extensive opportunities to discover your roots, grow into your spiritual path, and expand your branches into the Pagan Community. Derived from the study of Celtic Witchcraft Traditions, Silver Willow Grove opens its door to those who wish to delve deeper into their Craft studies, create lasting relationships with fellow individuals who share their passions, and carve a positive influence within their communities.

We offer Introductory courses into the Craft for all those who feel the call. Initiatory classes are also offered to those who complete our Introductory course and wish to pursue their studies within a group dynamic. Members receive the privilege to personal classes, ritual, and a protected forum to discuss their studies and connect with each other. Our courses are meant to provide people with real life experiences and spiritual connections, as well as train individuals to create, divine, and enlighten others.

The Grove is consisted of spirited individuals who wish to guide fellow Witches, Pagans, and all newcomers along their journey. Our mission is to assist you on your path to your personal truth, whether that consists of delighting in becoming a sacred member of our Grove or us being your guide to another destination. We are comprised of people who have walked many paths in this life such as those who have received previous Coven training, those who have chosen a more solitary path, and even beginners. We welcome all people to explore our tradition with open arms.