​Silver Willow Grove

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 
~ Lao Tzu
Craft Introductory Courses
The first step in the membership process is the submission of the application and a three month introductory course into the Craft. During this period, newcomers are encouraged to explore local workshops and classes, different paths within Paganism, and complete each course of study before beginning Initiatory courses into the Silver Willow Grove Tradition. Each student will receive personal course feedback from an instructor, tailored ritual work, and support within the community.
Initiatory Courses
After a student has completed their three month introductory course, they will receive a membership manual for the Silver Willow Grove Tradition if they so choose to become a part of our community. They will be granted access to the Member Forum where they can discuss their courses of study and participate with their new Grove members. Students who begin their initiatory process will be invited to Sabbats and Esbats and will delve into a rigorous, hands-on training program. This program does not only teach one about the Craft of the Wise, but also about one's own nature.
Crafting Workshops
Members have the opportunity to learn how to craft their own magickal tools including robes, cingulums, herbs, candles, oils, and more! In the Grove, we strive to teach everyone how to create their own tools for personal use and enhance their purpose. We provide a unique experience in caring for our Mother Earth with classes in gardening, cooking, and survival with a hands-on approach.
​Educational Outings
The Grove encourages its members to take a walk through nature, go on camping trips, dance at music festivals, and learn from other practitioners on their journey. Many events will be open to members to explore; some educational and others as social gatherings. One lesson that all members and friends will undoubtedly learn is that they never have to feel alone on their path!