​Silver Willow Grove

Local Georgian Covens, Groves, and Groups

Nocturnal Eclectic - Dallas
Shamanic Wiccan - Douglasville
Traditional Wicca - Fitzgerald
Native American Tradition - Forest Park
Pagan - Glenwood
Canaanite Revivalism - Decatur
Ceremonial Christian Magick - Dahlonega
Folkish Asatru - Calhoun
Pagan/Eclectic - Baxley
Eclectic Pagan - Covington
Shamanic - Cumming
Open/Various - Griffin
Metaphysical Earth Based - Augusta
Eclectic - Kennesaw
Gardenarian - Savannah
Pagan - Soperton
Wiccan/Pagan - Savannah and surrounding areas
Eclectic - Warner Robins
Wicca/Pagan - Warner Robins
Pagan Witchcraft - Rome
Correllian Nativist/Shamanic - North Augusta

Eclectic - Lawrenceville
Wicca - Lawrenceville
Female Wicca - Lawrenceville, Buford, Gwinnett County
Shadow Tradition - Marietta
Ravenwood, Celtic & Native American - Atlanta, N.E Metro
Traditional - Dahlonega
Syncretic - Rockmart
Spiritual - Athens
Syncretic Witchcraft - Atlanta, Decatur

The Temple of the Rising Phoenix

Ravenwood Church

Eclectic - Acworth
Dark Goddess Archetypes - Atlanta
Eclectic - Atlanta
Rising Phoenix Tradition - Atlanta, N.E.
Traditional - Atlanta, Decatur
Ravenwood Tradition - John's Creek, Atlanta

Luna Fyre Sanctuary

Wiccan - Cleveland

The Grey Area

Coven of Perpetual Night

Sacred Grove

ʼ Ōraḥ Qaḏəmōnī

Suður Fjoll Kindred

Falling Rocks Circle

Sacred Metaphysical Sisters

Coven of Aradia

Griffin GA CoExist/Pagan Pride

Pagan Safe Haven

Dark SunAMoon, Children of the Harvest

Grove of the Lion

Myst of Wildwood

The House of Oak Spring

Templi Adytum

A Fun Group of Witches

The Spiral Oak Grove

Grove of the Willow Wood

Circle of the Spiral Moon Coven

Willow Dragonstone Community

Atlanta Reiki Circle

Shield Maiden Support

Templi Nyx

River Gleann Coven

Silver Pine Grove

S.T. Aldeberan

People Embracing Change Tribe

The Sylvan Forest

Wild Grove Pagans

Pagan Unity Resource Endeavor

Warner Robins Witches Meetup

Serpent Tree Coven

Circle in the Pines

The World

Willow and Sage Coven

The Unicorn Tradition - Atlanta

Gryphon Song Clan

Wytchwood Circle

Gryphon Song & Hendge of Keltria - Atlanta/Conyers
We are providing Seekers with an accessible way of discovering local Georgian Groups that are close to their area or express a similar spiritual path. Silver Willow Grove cannot attest to the validity, structure, or persons involved and/or leading any of the groups listed above. 

Eclectic Wicca - Kennesaw