​Silver Willow Grove

Welcome to the Grove

Silver Willow Grove is a Pagan community based on the teachings of the Celtic Witchcraft Traditions. The mission of the Grove is to provide spiritual workshops and training, peace for the mind, body, and soul, and an uplifting community to all who seek knowledge and wisdom in the Old Ways.


Spiritual Training

For membership guidelines, visit our membership page for application and course details. Submit your application today to start your new journey!
The Grove provides introductory courses in witchcraft along with a rigorous initiate training program in the Silver Willow Tradition. Courses are available only to members of the Tradition.

​Educational Outings

​Craft Workshops

Attend other educational courses found throughout the state of Georgia as well as field trips to nature preserves, festivals, and Pagan shops. ​Members are encouraged to explore their surroundings.

As a member of the Grove, workshops are provided to teach individuals basic craft skills when creating ritual items such as candles, incense, wands, and growing your own herbs!​